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RCs Retirement and Sculpture/Pottery Page

Well it does not seem to matter, but here I am in retirement and not adjusting well. Must find projects to keep me busy and discovering that my 'ole' body tires more easily.  In 2013 I started taking pottery classes in Springfield every week.  During 2013 I spent time learning how to do clay pottery and setting up to do clay pottery and sculpture at home. I built my own pottery wheel and bought a kiln.   On this page you can see some of my work during 2013. 

 Of course the first thing to do is to get a kiln and buy or build a pottery wheel.
Decided to built a wheel of my own from scratch material, got a DC servo treadmill motor on Ebay
and a gear reducer box also on Ebay.


 I took two 8 week classes from March to September 2013.   Below are some of the pieces I attempted to do.   When the weather breaks in the spring I will start again doing some pottery on the deck with my own home-built pottery wheel.

Towards the end of my Springfield classes I started to get an interest in sculpturing.   I tried a few pieces and found I might have a nack for sculpturing.   Now that winter is here it is easier to do sculpturing inside since my space is limited.
 As you can see the first row are flat piece sculptures and they will be put in wood frames as gifts.
  What do you think of these? 

Will give to my Elks Lodge for auction.

Will give to my Elks Lodge for auction.

Will give to my dentist.

Hope Rebecca likes my first attempt.

A Christmas sculpture for Chris

This is Betsy's little dog, Sanford

A 2013 Christmas sculpture for Rebecca

A 2013 Christmas sculpture for Caleb

A 2013 Christmas sculpture for Sarah

A 2013 Christmas sculpture gifts for all the grandkids


2015 Little Girl and her horse Flat

2015 Little Girl and her horse
Will enter in 2016 Art Contest

2015 Clinton Ole Glory Days
Art Contest Red Ribbon Winner

Starting of 2016 Sculptures

Here is my Weeping Woman which is
a version of the famous Weeping Angel

Trying something new, 2 mermaids, Elk head and Panther
plaque still using pottery clay and the antlers are rubber.


Elks Symbol Plaque did not survive.

Buddy did not survive kiln firing

RCs Retirement and Sculpture/Pottery Page

These are my first pieces and you might want to keep any of them you have.  
IF I do well and after I am gone, they might we worth something? hahaha 


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