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NOTE:   If you see "???" on this page, those are Chinese characters your computer will not print.

- 1 - Retirement Again & Joining the American Legion Org. 
I relaxed only a while after retiring from being secretary at the Clinton Elks Lodge, and started looking where I can help and spend my time. I transfered my American Legion membership to Warsaw MO since they seem to be very active with Veterans. 
In 2023 I accepted the Post Adjutant's postion, which again utilizes my experiences at the Elks, keeping records, etc. 

- 2 - Retirement and Joining the Elks Lodge 
Well it does not seem to matter, but here I am in retirement and wondering what is next. Need to find a project or two to keep me busy and decided to join the Clinton Elks Lodge in 2011 which helps. 
In 2013 I started taking pottery classes in Springfield every week. During 2013 I spent time learning how to do clay pottery and setting up to do clay pottery and sculpture at home. I built my own pottery wheel and bought a kiln and on this link you can see some of my work during 2013.  
In 2015 I took the secretary's job at the Elks Lodge which was almost like a full time job but fit nicely for me and my experiences. During these years I learned much, met lots of people and able to fix many problems in the accounting system, bylaws, and other areas. But, after eight years it was time to retire, , again.

- 3 - I bought U-Sawbuck Park   2007, sold 2012
RC is back from China and home on Truman lake, just bought the old SawBuck RV Park.  This beautiful Park is on Truman Lake with all the beauty of the Ozarks and conveniences of home.  The 20 acres park is located on U Road, 4 miles south of 7 highway at Coal between Warsaw and Clinton Missouri.
RC's new Recreational Vehicle Park

- 4 - China Universities Teaching Tour   2003-2007    Link Here - China 2008 Earth Quake
Here I go again, off on another adventure.   This time I have accepted a teaching position at Guangxi University of Technology in the city of Liuzhou, Guangxi province, P.R. China.   Then I went to Beihai and taught at a middle school and a Sports University for one term. Having itchy feet, I then went to Guangxi Normal University in Guilin City followed by ZhongShan Universtiy in GuangDong province. I have already enjoyed my time here and have learned more then I have taught.   On these pages I will share many stories and photos about this adventure, including my stories and the stories of my students.
China Universities Teaching Tour
- 5 - R.C. Shikles Personal Web Pages   
Here is my personal page where I share personal photos and information about myself, home, family, travels and my personal Resume.  

- 6 - R.C. Shikles Ideas Web page   
Here is my "Ideas" page where I share personal ideas, thoughts with you.    I also share songs, articles, and poems, etc. I have written over the years, along with philosophies and personal ideas.

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