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Teaching Tour to China, 2003-2007

My corporate training in the USA came to a quick halt, so I started looking at other places to teach. I found an open field in China. I only inteneded to go to China for a short or one term. One term ended up being two terms, and then another university, totally 5 schools I taught in. I even had the opportunity to write 2 text books, one on "Computer English" and the other "KIS Oral English", (Keep It Simple).
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- 1 - RC's latest Chinese "Photo Gallery" Page

Hope you enjoy these photos, I enjoyed putting them together.
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- 2 - Liuzhou City Teaching Tour
          闁哄苯鍟跨粣鐐哄春鎼搭伋闁轰焦鐟ラ?  2003-4

Here I go again, off on another adventure.   This time I have accepted a teaching position at Guangxi University of Technology in the city of Liuzhou, Guangxi Province, P.R. China.   I have already enjoyed my time here and have learned more then I have taught.   On these pages I will share many stories and photos about this adventure, including my stories and the stories of my students.

- 3 - Beihai City Teaching Tour
          闁告牗顨嗛幑锝夊春鎼搭伋闁轰焦鐟ラ?  2004-5

I have moved from Liuzhou City to Beihai on the South China Sea.   This time I have accepted a teaching position at the Beihai Language School in the city of Beihai, on the South China Sea. Still in Guangxi Province, P.R. China.   I have already enjoyed the wonderful seafood here and have continue to learn so many things.   On these pages I will share many stories and photos about this adventure.

- 4 - Guilin City Teaching Tour
          婵℃鍊归悘鍕暜閸屾稒娈岄悗  2005

Having itchy feet, I moved to Guangxi Normal University in Guilin City. This area is a tourist area and known for their beautiful mountains and rivers.

- 5 - ZhongShan City Teaching Tour
          濞戞搩鍘奸崠妤呭春鎼搭伋闁轰焦鐟ラ  2005-6

I am now off to ZhongShan which is just across the bay from Hong Kong. Now I moved to my fourth school and learned a few things. I love my students and enjoy the teachers.


Guangxi Province is the furthest south province just north Vietnam.

Let me share some China Stories & Ideas with you

"First Week"
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"Finally Teaching"
"Click Here"

"People of Liuzhou"
"Click Here"

"Shyness -
A Two Sided Coin"
"Click Here"

Program Comments"
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"A Lecture on Literature
and Language"
"Click Here"

"From Survitude
to Citizen"
"Click Here"

"A KISS approach -
to Spoken English"
"Click Here"

"English - Go Forward
to the World, Tourism Series."
"Click Here"


"Spirit of Chinese People
Book Review of Ku Hung-Ming"
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Student Stories of Liuzhou English Writing classes

"Sophmore Class 021"
"Click Here"

"Sophmore Class 022"
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"Sophmore Class 023"
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Liuzhou Students Graduate Papers of Interest

Wei HongHong
Loaded Words
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Mo MinYing
Up to Date Words
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Causes of Taboos
Influence on Communication

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Category of Ideas and Philosophies

"From Survitude to Citizen"

Author - R.C. Shikles, March 25, 2006

"CCTV9-Dialogue Program Comments"

Author - R.C. Shikles, May 12, 2005
Written for a Dialogue Program aired May 12.

"Shyness - A Two Sided Coin"

Author - R.C. Shikles, June, 2004
Per request of numerous Chinese Students

"A Kiss Approach to Spoken English"

Author - R.C. Shikles, November 30, 2005
Per request of numerous Chinese English teachers

"English - Go Forward to the World, Tourism Series.">

Author - He DaoGuan,
Preface - RC Shikles, April 10, 2006
Exerpts from the Chinese Tourism Text Book.

"A Lecture on Literature and Language">

Author - R.C. Shikles, December 8, 2005
Given at Zhongshan University, Guangdong, China

I was invited to a Summer English Camp for employees of a local Chemicals Company by my friend ChenYahDong. The course was a full month at a wonderful mountain resort about one hour from Liuzhou City.

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