Liuzhou China, 2003-4
Guangxi University of Technology Teaching Tour
Let me share some pictures and information with you

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Here I go again, off on another adventure.   This time I have accepted a teaching position at
Guangxi Technical University in the city of Liuzhou, Guangxi Province.

The people of Liuzhou are very proud of their "Friendship Bridge" in the bend of the river.
There are three more bridges either in plannig or being built.

Guangxi Provence is the furthest south province just north Vietnam.

The mountains and one of Chinas major rivers, The River Liu,
are beautiful with great sceneries like this.

Liuzhou is a wonderful metropolitan city with numerous manufacturing companies.
   Guangxi Technical University has a 6000+ student body with a great future.


Welcome to Liuzhou's Liuhou Gate

Their are at five parks in the town of Liuzhou, not counting the ones along the river, and they are all beautiful.

Wind and Rain Bridge

The Dragon Statue in Liuzhou Square

JianPan Mountain

Liuzhou surrounding countryside
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