Liuzhou China, 2003-4
Guangxi University of Technology Teaching Tour
Let me share some pictures and information with you

Page 1    Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province
Page 2    Guangxi University of Technology
Page 3    GXTU Students
Page 4    Liuzhou City - 2003 Christmas
Page 5    Activities of Liuzhou City
Page 6    Meeting Liuzhou People
Special 1    Chinese Weddings
Special 2    Huachi Hot Springs Trip
Special 3    End of School Year 2004
Special 4    Beihai, South China Seaport
Special 5    Trip to Jinziu Yaozu County
Special 6    Student Stories & Essays
Let me share some of my stories with you
"First Week"
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"Finally Teaching"
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"People of Liuzhou"
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"Life in China"
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"Shyness -
A Two Sided Coin"

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Here are some special Student Stories of my English Writing classes.
"Sophmore Class 021"
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"Sophmore Class 022"
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"Sophmore Class 023"
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Here are some special Student Graduate Papers of Interest
Wei HongHong
Loaded Words

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Mo MinYing
Up to Date Words

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Causes of Taboos
Influence on Communication

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"Fourth Graduate"
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I was invited to a Summer English Camp for employees of a local Chemicals Company by my friend ChenYahDong. The course was a full month at a wonderful mountain resort about one hour from Liuzhou City.
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