Liuzhou China, 2003-4
Guangxi University of Technology Teaching Tour
Let me share some pictures and information with you

Page 1    Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province
Page 2    Guangxi University of Technology
Page 3    GXTU Students
Page 4    Liuzhou City - 2003 Christmas
Page 5    Activities of Liuzhou City
Page 6    Meeting Liuzhou People
Special 1    Chinese Weddings
Special 2    Huachi Hot Springs Trip
Special 3    End of School Year 2004
Special 4    Beihai, South China Seaport
Special 5    Trip to Jinziu Yaozu County
Special 6    Student Stories & Essays

Welcome to one of my English Writing classes.   This is a double class of 70
students since there are not enough teachers.

Every teacher is proud of their students with a lot of praise for them but,
these students really are wonderful and want to learn about their world.

Here some special students who like, enjoy and deserve special attention.

Welcome to my Wednesday/Friday English Class,
a bit smaller at 35 students, but still with the same great attitude.

ZhongCaiYu got to give a speech for being late to class.   He has chosen Yullen as his English name.

While at center stage, ZhongCaiYu could not help but play the part and practice his "quick draw".

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