ZhongShan, GuongDong China, 2004-5
ZhongShan University, GuangDong Teaching Tour
Let me share some pictures and information with you
Page 1    ZhongShan Institute/Lecture
Page 2    ZS Institute Teachers Show
Page 3    College Sports Day Parade
Page 4    College Sports Day Events
Page 5    Trip to Shantou/Chaozhou Cities
Special 1    Writing/Business English Classes
Special 2    Spoken English Classes
Special 3    Hot Pot Dinners with students
Special 4    2006 New Years, Blood Donor
Special 5    On the Streets of Zhongshan
ZhongShan Institute

Lecture on Literature,

This smiley face lady keeps the outside of our apartments looking clean and moped all the time. I am happy to see her smile all the time.
Chinese people, especially women, love to have their photo taken. Of course she must give me a more stern emotionless face from her normal smiling.
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