Guilin City China, 2004-5
Guangxi Normal University Teaching Tour
Let me share some pictures and information with you

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We met some wonderful people who took us to their home in ZaXu, a town near Guilin.
This little girl danced for us.

Here is the "crew" of foreign teachers at the university along with our host in front of their home.
Here is "Happy" with his father who not only welcomed us to his home,
but fixed a wonderful lunch for all of us.

As we walked through the streets of "Happys" hometown,
we met his retired teachers who were happy to have their photo taken.

Here is the most important part of the town of ZaXu, a bridge estimated to be around 600 years old. We investigated the details of this bridge to see what ancient memories we could discover.
The bridge is not the only old artifacts we found. We found these kinds of "tablets" all over the town. Used for stepping stones and other ordinary purposes
They all had different purposes, but anywhere from 100-250 years old. They just were laying around and becoming broken and cast out.
Here is another artifact, a doorway. You can see the holes that were used as "hinge" holes for the doors.
At first I thought this was part of a security wall around the city, but it turned out to be a wall for carrying water for irrigation. Well it did also double for security some think.
In the middle of the town is the old school house.
We all want to know some basic living facilities, here are a group of "Out Houses"
or toilets behind the houses on the main street.

All over town was old wood where you wondered what the original carvings
and ornaments look like when they were new.

Next to the old bridge was this image and I have not discovered the story about it yet.
A local artist is carving a wooden dragen head and was really heavy. Do not know how it was to be used.
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