Guilin City China, 2004-5
Guangxi Normal University Teaching Tour
Let me share some pictures and information with you

Page 1    Guangxi University, Guilin City
Page 2    Foreign Language School
Page 3    ZaXu Day Trip
Page 4    Art Musuem
Page 5    Coming Soon
Page 6    Music Testing
Special 1    Class 1
Special 2    Class 2
Special 3    Class 3
Special 4    Class 4
Special 5    Class 5
Special 6    Class 6
Special 7    Class 7
    This is an experimental page. I have started to learn the Guzheng (old table harp) and the Pipa. The Chinese music is completely different in the written score and is listed as 1,2,3. . as you see below. Western score is also listed below showing the comparitable equation of notes and sounds. The Guzheng is a 5 note instrument and the Pipa is a 7 note instrument like most of the western music. I am attempting to write (for fun) a conversion program to convert Chinese written music to Western written score and vis-a-versa. Let's see how simple or hard this will become.
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